Annual Preventative Maintenance Services

Many owners are now aware that all the major large format printer manufacturers advise annual preventative maintenance services to ensure the machine is operationally exactly like it was when it left the factory.
Our 20 years of experience in this field tells us that failure to maintain your machinery will lead to a total failure and an expensive repair call out and some inevitable down time where your production output suffers.
As recommended by the manufacturers the annual service consists of:
  1. A complete strip-down
  2. Full clean
  3. Lubrication
  4. Rebuild.

The machine is then fully aligned and calibrated back to the manufacturers original factory specification resulting in improved print quality and more efficient ink usage.


As fully trained large format printer engineeers with over over 20 years experience in servicing and repairing all of the following brands

  • HP
  • Roland
  • Epson
  • Jetrix
  • Mimaki

We confirm that prevention is definitely better, and cheaper, than cure with these machines.


Please contact us for more information and a quotation. 



The machines we support are as follows:- 


HP Designjet plotter range


230/250C, 330/350C, 430/450C, 455/488, 700/750C/755CM, 2000CP/3000CP, 2500CP/3500CP,

500/510, 800, 1050C/1055CM, 5000, 5500, T610/T770/T790/T1100, Z6100


Roland solvent printer range


Pro II, Pro III, Versacamm SP200/SP540/VP300/VP540


Epson printer range


7600, 9600, 10600


Jetrix UV Flatbed printer range


2513, 3015, 2030




JV22, JV3, JV4, JV33, CJV30

d-gen mimaki

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